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Couple Sunset On The Beach


This Photo is closely related to the first photo, they were both taken on the same beach, same day and same time of day. The thing to me about this photo is that yes its beautiful but also the more you look at it the more you start to notice or think about.  When this photo was taken, Originally i thought the people were just two friends at the beach but the closer you look the more you wounder.

Sunset On The Beach


This Photo was taken at a beach in NewYork, and even without a filter this photo was absolutly beautiful, what you might not know (or have noticed) is that the shining light effect in the upper left corner is not actually natrual or even caused by light shining on the camera lens, its actually an added detail. Since the light was natrually coming from that direction, i thought this effect would add to the photo, and i think i was right. 

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